My very first progress post! I’m excited to bring you up to speed. :)

With today’s weigh-in, I have lost 22.6lbs! Just recently I came across some great before shots of me, so that I’ll have them to compare with my afters once I reach goal. Here I am before starting this journey:


September 2009


November 2011


July 2012

And now…the progress pictures!




10lbs lost


20lbs lost

There you have it, friends!

I hope to be adding my 30lbs lost picture by the New Year. :)

Have a fantastic day!


14 responses to “progress.

  1. Good morning from Arizona. I was so happy to wake up to discover your lovely comment and that you are now following my blog. Thank you! I am so pleased you are researching your new way of eating and becoming a new creation too!. It will be my pleasure to be one of your support partners along the way. 2 Corinthians 5:15. Memorize Phil. 4:13 and He’ll be your strength.

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