week 2.

It was 27 degrees when I went out for my jog/walk this morning. I guess it IS winter then? Just a couple days ago it was 61 degrees. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m still in awe of Ohio’s weather sometimes.

In my effort to dress warmly, I pulled on some old Adidas workout pants [which are too big!] and a long-sleeved performance t-shirt I had gotten a few years back, in one of my “I’m-going-to-be-a-runner” phases:


Hehe. I have another one that says “Sorry, I’ve got to run.”

Before today, I had maybe used each of those twice…possibly. I think with my past attempts to become a runner, I started off expecting so much and disappointed when I didn’t reach my goals. Then I just gave up. So now, with Katie’s 5K running plan [see this post], I’m steadily building up to running a 5K at a time. Today was the second day for week 2; I ran for 2:30 and then walked 27:30. [I might have cut off my walking time a little because it was SO cold!]

I have learned a couple things already. 1) I CAN do this plan. And 2) I need to invest in cold gear. Or maybe become a gym member again. It would be so nice to workout inside…

But there’s something about making use of a local park. :)

Also! I was very excited yesterday to put on a shirt I had bought just a few months ago, one that was a bit snug, but still cute…


And now it’s loose! Yes, I was very pleased. :) I can definitely feel a difference in my clothes. I just need to be patient with waiting for those sizes to drop!

Oh, I guess I realized something else this morning as well…

It was hard to wake up on time. I did end up getting out of bed at 7:30, but I’d like to be up at 7 each morning. And Fridays/Saturdays will be difficult – aiming for 6:30! But anyways. I’ve said for quite some time now how sunset is my favorite time of day. It feels like a hugh sigh released, signaling the end of a mini-journey or something [oh, how I wish I could be a poet]. But you know what?


I’m starting to like sunrises too.


Have a great day!


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