This is just a fun little post thrown in among the “hardcore” weight loss ones. ;)

A couple friends and I went downtown tonight to attend the City Flea, which is a fantastic “curated flea market” with lots of craft-lovin’ vendors [not to mention a wonderful selection of vintage items and delectable treats!]. There are also great food trucks, and yes, I did partake. :) I had a “Cowboy Burger” as well as some sweet potato fries. The burger reminded me of a Pioneer Woman’s recipe, found here.

Anyway! The City Flea usually takes place during the day, but, fortunately for me and my co-worker/friend, the Holiday Market is set for a winter evening. And even better, it’s at Washington Park, complete with lovely twinkle lights and splendid architecture of the city as a backdrop.


It was beautiful! And with a bit of a chill in the air, it felt Christmas-y, for sure. :) There were lovely booths filled with great products. Thank goodness I only had a little cash on me, otherwise I would have given in to some pricey purchases!


It was a delightful time with friends. And a great evening all around. I did end up coming home with a peanut butter twist brownie and a piece of eggnog chocolate…both of which I’m saving for another day. :)

Well, it will be back to business as usual on this blog very soon. Though I officially record my weight on Wednesdays, I do like to step on the scale first thing each morning [when I feel like it] to see if there’s any change at all. [Yes, people say not to worry about numbers so much, but I just like seeing the scale go down even a little bit!]

But I’m pretty sure that will not be happening tomorrow…

We shall see. :)

Hope you’re having a great weekend, readers!


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