bend in the road.

Good morning! :)

I hope your week’s getting off to a great start. Stepped on the scale when I first woke up, and I should be on track for a loss tomorrow – most likely minimal, but that’s ok.

Started week 3 of RFC’s 5K running plan. Ran 4:00 and walked 26:00. The first 3 minutes of running flew by, didn’t even look at the clock. That last minute was a little more difficult, but I did it and felt really good! I was super excited to try out my new running pants I got from TJ Maxx:


[Notice my awesome Color Run shirt there…;) I hope to do it again in 2013!]

Don’t worry, that’s not my complete outfit. It was pretty chilly out, but nice and clear. Sadly, no snow. :( To ward off the cold, I added a hoodie, which worked out well:


Just one issue though…my new pants kept sliding off! They were fine when I walked, but running just made them drop a few inches. I was disappointed. Maybe it’s because I have more of an apple-shaped figure? Round in the middle and tapering off? Doesn’t work well with active wear! Do you have any go-to pants that you love to workout in?

So I’m still on the hunt for a great pair of running pants. But I’ll keep using these for now [just hold one side up while I run, hehe]. I also got a performance tee but will probably save that for when I lose a bit more because it shows every curve! Pretty awesome how I came to get this gear though; my health insurance has some rewards when you complete a health assessment or other programs – they send you giftcards to a place of your choosing! Love it. :)

At the park, I usually complete the walking path once [1.25 miles] and then do an out and back walk just enough to top off my 30 minute workout. Lately, I always hit this bend in the road before I need to turn back:


I mention it now because it’s kind of symbolic to me in a way. Though I can’t see what’s around the bend, I know I need to keep on going, and it will be worth it.


And it is.

Love this view!

Have a great day, friends. :) See you tomorrow for my Wednesday Weigh-in!


4 responses to “bend in the road.

  1. Looking forward to the weigh in! Also, I can’t really help you with the pants problems, as for some reason, my pants always seem to stay right where they should be… I guess they are quite tight, so maybe that’s why… Anyway, keep up the good work!
    Love, Anne

  2. Awesome photos!
    Any pans with draw-strings help keep them up, I hate hiking my pant up every few steps. I love my CW-X tights but they cost SO much. Good luck on your search for great winter running pants.

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