Ah, the weekly weigh-in has come around once again. :) If I’m completely honest, I actually look forward to Wednesdays because I know I will see a loss! Counting calories and working on my running is making a difference – I can feel it.

I’ve lost 1.0lb since my last weigh-in, so my total loss is 24.4lbs. Which is GREAT! Though I was hoping to see more of a change since last week’s loss of 0.8lb. However, I am reminded of exercising patience. I did not get to where I was overnight, and I won’t lose all the weight quickly either. [I’d rather not actually as 1-2lbs is a healthy rate and will help my body adjust naturally, or so they tell me.]

And with all the holiday snacks around – at work, home, out and about – I must say to have any loss is a job well done. :)

Yesterday, I started week 4 of RFC‘s 5K running plan – jogged for 10:00 and walked 22:00! I slogged the whole ten, and it wasn’t bad at all. I really think I can do this. :) Because of running errands and such, I stayed closer to home by stopping in at a little park behind the post office.


This was right after those first ten minutes – I was proud! :) And I haven’t been to the parcours trail lately, but I have been doing push-ups, sit-ups, and squats on my rest days. A friend of mine who owns a gym suggested I start with those and build my way to more complex exercises. The great thing is I can do them from the comfort of my home!

Thanks for the ongoing encouragement, friends. Hope all’s well with you as we hit the major holiday season…stay strong! ;)

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