safety first.

Meant to write a quick post yesterday, but of course, the Christmas festivities have begun – which includes hours of playing Just Dance with my family! :) [Fun and a great workout to boot!]

This past Saturday morning, I was able to wrap up week 4 on RFC’s 5K running plan; I jogged about 18:00 and walked 12:00. I’m a little ahead of track on running time…never thought I’d say that, ha!

Also was able to jog one mile straight through, in about 13:00. :) Coming along very nicely.

I did actually have something quite different [even alarming?] happen during that run: I had to use my pepper spray for the first time. This is what it looks like:


Now I didn’t use it on anyone, but as I was finishing up the running portion, two dogs spotted me and ran straight toward me, barking like crazy. As they got closer, I stopped and shouted, “No.” They stopped a few feet from me, on the grass and just kept on barking. I already had my pepper spray taken out just in case, so I sprayed it on the path right in front of me, and they immediately stopped barking, turned around, and ran away. So glad I had the spray. I was in the little park by the post office again, which I like because it’s closer to my place and on level ground. But I may just go to the park a little further away because all dogs there are brought by their owners and on leashes!!

So that was an eventful morning. After work Saturday, I drove up to my hometown to join a caroling group from church – so much fun! I hadn’t done that since grade school…I hope it becomes a tradition each year. :)

And now it’s been lots and lots of family time. I hope and pray you have a fantastic and blessed Christmas with your loved ones!!

Merry Christmas!

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