after christmas weigh-in.

I was so hoping to share with you a bigger loss than last week, but being the day after Christmas, any loss is a good thing!

Since my last weigh-in, I’ve lost 0.6lb, which gives me a total loss of 25.0lbs. And I am trying to be satisfied with that.

On MyFitnessPal, it shows I’ve lost about 27lbs, because I would update my progress any time I went down in weight. Lately it seems like it’s the Thursday or Friday after my weigh-in Wednesday where I seem to register a pound or two loss, then when the week comes around, I’ve evened out some! A bit frustrating…

But again, a loss is a loss. Exercising patience amidst the self-control. :)

I hope you had a wonderfully blessed Christmas. I spent a ton of time with family, went caroling with church family, enjoyed a couple of lovely Christmas services, and am just glad for good health and God’s blessings in my life. The gifts were great, but I’m happy to recognize what’s most important:


I rounded up my sisters and cousins and had a friend take pictures of us for my parents [and lots of relatives too]. They came out nicely! :)

Back to work today [in about 20 minutes or so]. Hoping for some snow down here by the river! Also praying for those who are expecting blizzard-like conditions.

Have a great day, friends. :)


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