new year.

2013 is here and off to a great start! I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s celebration.

I’m looking forward to weighing in tomorrow, to see what lasting impact the holidays have had on my progress. Over the next week, I’ll be getting back into more of a routine foodwise.

The other day at work I took a quick pic of our staff kitchen table:


And that’s only the leftovers. But I’m proud to say I didn’t go overboard! I would allow myself to have one cookie or piece of chocolate on my lunch breaks [sometimes I didn’t partake of anything!]. Also, I used to LOVE those Lofthouse sugar cookies – I could probably eat 2 or 3 in one sitting. However, I struggled to finish just one at lunch the other day…it was SO rich and sweet, and I felt like I could taste the “processedness” of it. Funny how I never minded that before…

Yay for healthy changes to my diet! Lately, when I go to the grocery, I aim to buy a rainbow-colored assortment of mostly fresh/raw foods:


Though I have trouble finding blue/purple items…any ideas? :)

This past weekend was one of those completely relaxing ones. Nice, right? ;) I spent some time at my apartment, organizing and reading a couple wonderful books. Before heading out Saturday, I jogged the last timed portion of RFC’s running plan. [Now I’m up to running 2 miles at a time, which I did earlier today!]

And while getting ready to go sledding with friends, before visiting a family in the evening for a yummy dinner, I made note of how my regular clothes are getting a bit looser now:


I tell you, though the scale’s moving at a snail’s pace these past few weeks, I still feel a difference in what I wear!! :)

Sunday was spent with family and friends; Monday, I did work a full day, but we started earlier so we could get out at 5pm instead of 8pm. Headed up to my hometown for a New Year’s Eve church/worship service and also spent time with some lovely ladies, watching Downton Abbey to refresh our minds for the 3rd season starting this Sunday! [And I didn’t go overboard with eating snacks then, either!]

Today was a bit trickier with food as my mom made some delicious Korean dishes for the new year. But it helped that we had to pick up my cousin from the airport, getting us out of the house for a few hours. Now I’m back at my place and ready to finish out the week strong!

Hope you have a great first week of 2013 too! :)


2 responses to “new year.

  1. I wish I knew what I was doing with all the resources out there; you seem to know what you’re doing! They say having buddy increases the rate of weightloss. :) Purple/blue things..blueberries, black raspberries, blue/purple potatoes..

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