slow going progress.

Ok! Just when I thought my weight loss couldn’t get any slower, turns out it can. I suppose I should get used to the idea as many people have told me how no matter what you do/eat, sometimes you can’t budge the scale. That would be great during maintenance mode, but right now, I’m wanting the scale to continue on its steady downward slope like before!

Alas, I know what I have to do. Continue counting my calories and increase my exercise. I think I’ll switch to running each weekday instead of 3 days/week. And I probably do not need to use every calorie I have/earn just because I can/want to – I shall listen to my body to see if it really needs to eat or not! [I have been getting that full/satisfied feeling with less food, woohoo!]

So, since my last weigh-in, I have lost 0.4lb. Puts my total weight loss to 25.4lbs.

One of these days I WILL get to 30lbs lost!

Stay tuned. :)

PS, No new photos to post so here’s an oldie, but goodie. Taken a few years back [2009, maybe?] when my sisters, cousin, and I attended a Winter Ball for Jen’s work – she’s the one with the tiara. :)



7 responses to “slow going progress.

  1. It may be helpful to measure inches, sometimes that scale does not change but your body does! I had a period of time for seven weeks where my weight didn’t budge, but I continued to lose inches from my waist. You’d be surprised xx don’t let this get you down!

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