oh happy day.

By the looks of that title, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh! She has more weight loss to report.”

But no. That’s not it. I’m just happy. :)

It’s been a great weekend: caught up on some things at my place on Friday [my day off], spent time with high school friends in the evening, then worked Saturday and afterward, met up with more dear friends for Indian food (yum!) and Caribou Coffee (quite possibly a new favorite of mine). And today’s been fruitful. Visited an old church here in the village, walked to it from my place! It opened its doors in 1821, and I loved the building. The service was simple and traditional, yet powerful.

God works in many different places and many different ways, my friends.

Toward the end of the service, they started a new tradition [picked up from another church] in celebration of Epiphany. Each churchgoer [including me!] received a star ornament, bearing a single word. Meant to be a word from God for the new year. What was mine?


Pretty awesome as I had been seeking the Lord on how to serve the community I’m in currently. I definitely count my job as serving several people and families each day, but I’ve been wanting to do more. Tried to connect with a church farther out from where I live to help with a tutoring program, but that didn’t work because of conflicting schedules. Also tried to volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club here, but never heard anything back.

So hmm…what to do? I’m sure God will help me out with that…as long as I keep my eyes open! But yes, I was very blessed by that little star!

Anyway! I did take a couple pictures this weekend of my latest venture:


I cut my own hair last night!

[And yes, I looked up a how-to video on YouTube, hehe.]

At first, I wasn’t so sure about it…but today I tried my hand at a couple different things, and I’m very pleased! Also, I took a pic of my outfit today as I thought it came together pretty well:


[Don’t mind the messy room and laundry!]

And now, I’m just hanging out, waiting for Once Upon A Time and DOWNTON ABBEY! I think I shall catch up on some reading…:)

Have a great week, friends!


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