pace and progress.

This morning, I didn’t have as much time as I usually like to get in my run. [I plan to be back at my place at least an hour before I have to be at work, though that doesn’t always happen…] And so, instead of jogging the 2.5 miles at a slower pace of 12:30-13:30, I just decided to run a mile and shoot for a PR of under 12:00.

And I did it. 11:45. :)

The first half was at my regular pace, but the last half I tried to kick it into gear a bit more. The last quarter, I actually sprinted! I like to think of this as my first “speed workout.” ;)

Anyway! This Saturday I will be back on the plan, but running at home. I enjoy running on a country road, in the woods. Probably why I like the hilly park better than running near my apt.

Ok, some exciting news…

I FINALLY made it to the 30lbs lost mark today!! I’m sure I’ll experience this “neverending” wait again and again as I seek to keep on losing, but boy, to reach this goal sure feels good! :) As promised, here are my progress pictures to date. [In a nice and neat collage for you too!]


And here’s a close-up of my latest picture:


30lbs lost!

I’ve added a few things to my “too-big-to-wear” stack, including some work pants! I remember wearing them back in ’07, so it’s best to say goodbye…they were so comfy though!

I now have $20 to spend at Goodwill [didn’t spend my last $10 earned because I couldn’t really feel a difference in my clothing, but I do now!]. Hope to go this weekend sometime…

So yes. I’m enjoying and relishing this feeling of accomplishment. However, I am focused to tackle those next ten. 40lbs lost, here I come!!!


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