weigh-in and way-out.

Didn’t have time to post this morning and so here it is! My Wednesday weigh-in. :)

Since last week, I once again lost 3.8lbs! That brings my total weight loss to an even 33.0lbs.

Now, I am very happy with that amount, but I wonder if my having caught the stomach flu this past weekend has anything to do with it? Hmm…

I really hope and pray that next week’s weigh-in won’t show an increase. Every week since October 10, 2012, I have dropped weight, even if it’s only been 0.4 of a pound. I really don’t want to show any gain! However, if that happens, it won’t be the end of the world…I’ll just work it off like I’ve been doing. :)

[I’ve been counting calories and losing weight for 15 weeks now, woohoo!]

Also, no amazing photos this time. ;) Just another picture of my “too-big-to-wear” stack:


It’s growing!!! :)

And you know what I’m really thankful for today, at this moment?

That it is on its way out!

[It’s been one of those blah days. Down because of one reason or another. Though I did have some fantastic conversations today, including with my coworker, baby sister, and close friend from church. They cheered me up quite a bit! Also, had a storytime this morning with preschoolers, which I loved. :) But yeah. Ready for a NEW DAY tomorrow. So glad for God’s mercies, NEW every morning. :) And I’ll be running the park trail again tomorrow morning…this time, three times around!]

Good night!


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