2013 races.

Yes. Races – as in plural! I’ve got a race plan for this year, my friends. I have officially become a running fiend. ;)

So here’s the plan:

Mar 2 – Pancake Day 5K

Jun 1 – Harrison’s Heroes 10K

Aug 24 – Cincinnati Color Run [5K]

Sep 21 OR Oct 19 – Air Force Half Marathon OR Cincinnati Half Marathon

Nov ? – Hot Chocolate Run [5K/15K]

And, I’ve even got one for 2014 that I’m already thinking about…

May 3 – Flying Pig Marathon [OH YEAH.]

Woo! So that’s 5 races for this year…my, my. What am I getting myself into??

This morning, I tried on that performance tee I got awhile back with my running pants [but the tee was a little too snug to wear at the time]:


And well, it still is snug. But much better than before! I also wore my good ol’ white hoodie as it was about 30 degrees outside. By the time I hit my third mile though, I was ready to just run in my awesome orange top! [I love those little holes for your thumbs…]

So, I have a plan. Now I must continue on with the work to carry out the plan!

And I will. :)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!


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