weigh-in mini post.


Left my laptop at work, friends! (And this is the second time I’m typing up this “quick” post on my phone – must stay away from the cancel button!) Anyway, this will be short, but wanted to bring you up to speed.

Since last week I have lost 0.4lb, bringing my total loss to 33.4lbs! I figured this week would be minimal due to being sick and losing a lot previously (or so it seemed). It’s weird: some days I can actually notice the loss just by the changes in my body and other days I feel the same. Huh.

So, Pancake Day registration will be completed this weekend. I will also go ahead and sign up for the 10K and the Air Force Half (which is on Sept. 21st, and I can’t believe I’m going to sign up!!). Holding off on the Color Run for now to recruit a team, but need to get that in soon too!

Lots of good stuff happening this week: reconciliation and closure, goal-setting and perseverance, renewed hope and faith in a God whose goodness is His glory!!

Hope all’s well with you too. :)


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