new experiences.

I joined in on RFC’s Virtual 5K today! Ran it in 41:07. And voila! I used Katie’s race bib and everything:


Seemed fitting to round out Katie’s 5K running plan by participating in her virtual 5K, definitely a new experience for me! My first official 5K would have been last year’s Pancake Day run. And I did scrounge up the results from that race, which I ran in 41:27. I’m hoping to do it in less than 36:00 this year…March 2nd is getting closer and closer!

Also, this evening I had a bridesmaid dress fitting with friends. [Not a new experience for me, but a new sensation as I totally enjoyed trying on all the dresses!] We had an initial fitting session back in early November, so I knew I’d be able to try on dresses one size smaller, having lost about 20lbs since.


Turns out I could wear not just one size smaller, but TWO! Ohhh yeahhh. ;)

The bride’s wedding is on June 15th – quite a bit of time for me to lose even more weight! The dress has been ordered now, but I’m hoping there will be a need to take it in a bit…:)

All in all, a great day! This weekend will be fun as I’m heading to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit with a couple of friends tomorrow, perhaps playing some board games with another friend in the evening, and then Sunday will include heading up to see family, visiting my mom’s church and getting some information on the mission trip I’m going on in March, and last but definitely not least, watching Downton in the eve!!! [Yes, Downton Abbey plays a big role in my weekend plans. ;)]

Hope your weekend’s great fun too!


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