wednesday weigh-in.

Hello, friends! Back on to bring you up to speed. [I’ve wanted to blog a couple times in the past few days, but always seemed to get sidetracked.]

Since my last weigh-in, I’ve lost 1.2lbs, which brings my total weight loss to 34.6lbs! Slowly, but surely, I tell you…

I was hoping to have lost 40lbs by this week. I try not to think so much about my weight now and just look to filling each day with good decisions. This past Sunday wasn’t the greatest day [emotionally just all over the place], and my eating habits reflected it! Had more fries from Wendy’s than I should have, and that evening [after having dinner] I made roasted potatoes for some reason!! Then I ate a bit!! It was the first binge-eating I’d done since starting this journey in October. A sad, sad thing…

But! Monday morning I got back on track, counting my calories. I ran 2 miles then, in shorts!


The weather was fantastic and has only gotten warmer the past couple days. Though today’s a bit stormy…


I plan on getting in 3 or 4 miles this morning, after I post this to the blog. Thinking I’ll stick around my place. And I’m really excited because I just ordered a Garmin Forerunner for myself, found here. It’s one of their most simple watches, but will definitely do for me! No more carrying around my bouncing phone in my hoodie pocket. ;)

Off to run now. Here’s hoping for a wonderful Wednesday!


6 responses to “wednesday weigh-in.

  1. A binge can actually be beneficial when you are counting calories, I had one day a week where I ate wherever I wanted. It keeps your body guessing and can actually help you from hitting a plateau. So don’t be hard on yourself :-) you got back on track!

    • I have heard that! But I guess I’m afraid once I go back to eating whatever, I won’t stop! Just got to trust myself, I suppose…I do like the sound of that day…:) Are you still losing weight or have you reached your goal?

      • I reached my goal, lost the baby weight, a year after I had Lucy :-) I gained 9 lbs. since then but that just comes from stress eating(and watching Diners Drive Ins and Dives! I gained 4 lbs. watching that show, no joke!) :-P finally getting back to exercising a lot…I will get that down before I worry about those 9 lbs.

  2. This weather has been crazy! I wish I had taken advantage of it before it started raining. They are calling for snow tomorrow. :( Exciting news about your watch! I can’t wait to hear how you like it. I hope you had a good run. :)

    • That’s for sure!! And now I can hear the wind going crazy outside…I always am up for a snow, but that taste of spring has me excited for warmer weather to do runs in!! Most of my running’s been in the chilly temps. ;p Yes, I’ll let you know how the watch is!!

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