sunday funday.

My sister and I changed things up yesterday, spending time browsing at Barnes & Noble and checking out what Goodwill had to offer before briefly stopping by to see our dad.

Just wanted to update you guys on something pretty exciting…


I’m wearing size 14 jeans in this photo!! :)

When I started losing weight, I was in size 18 pants and inching my way towards size 20. Now that I’m 4 months in, I’ve gone down 2-3 sizes! Woohoo!

I’ll still give myself a couple weeks before switching over to size 14 totally. [And by then should be at 40lbs lost!] But I’m getting there!! :)

[My sis said she was “in shock.” We always were about the same size so we could share clothes, and now that’s changing…;)]

Happy Monday, friends! Heading out for a run soon before going into work — it’s going to be a beautiful day!


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