wednesday weigh-in.

Good news!! Since my last weigh-in, I have lost 1.8lbs. That brings my total weight loss to 38.0lbs. :)

Just 2lbs away from the next milestone, which means an updated progress picture collage will follow soon as well as $10 to spend on a few new pieces of clothing!

I have been using my Garmin Forerunner for this week’s runs and really like it! What’s really nice is being able to upload the stats through Garmin Connect; here’s a sneak peek at my splits for this morning’s 5K run:

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.09.48 PM

My pace is still on the slower side, about 13:00min/mile. I’d love to hold a 12:00min/mile pace so that I could really improve in my PR at the Pancake Run 5K [coming up on Mar 2!], but we shall see.

I finished last year’s race in 41:27 – anything under that would be good too. ;) The other day I pulled off 39:11! Here’s to more training in the next couple weeks!


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