I’m reading a book which touches on overcoming habitual sin. The authors write how victory comes most often after a long, hard struggle. A couple prominent reasons as to why this is the case include the following: 1) it’s not as easy to get back to where you were before and 2) to reach the place where you are completely dependent upon the Lord, because really that’s the only way to overcome and gain victory! Now…some have instantaneous miracles, but most need to put in the time and effort and fight!

Well, friends…I have reached the 40lbs lost mark!


And I’m celebrating by wearing those size 14 jeans!

These little milestones feel fantastic – I can’t imagine what it will be like to reach my goal weight!

Here’s my progress thus far:


[Sorry it’s so small! If you click on it, you can see a larger image.]

Another step completed. :) On to 50lbs lost!! And I have definitely decided that’s when I’ll post my actual weekly weigh-in numbers as well…

Here we go!!


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