That was the theme for Team Get Fit today, at the Pancake Day 5K Run! SUPERFIT. :)

Like our shirts?


I’m incognito on the left there, with my friend K who owns a local gym. She’s a great encouragement and blessing to me, especially because I can go to her with questions about exercise, nutrition, and all that jazz!

So you may be wondering how I did? I know I DEFINITELY PRed today, knocking off a few minutes from my time last year.

2012 – 41:27

2013 – 35:00?…

I believe it was a little less than 35:00 actually, but I’m not positive on the official time. They hadn’t posted the times before I left this morning [had to leave early to pick up my sister from college], and they aren’t listed on their FB page yet. So I shall have to wait and see and give another update to this race report.

As for details about the race, it felt good! I was a little worried earlier this week as my upper left thigh/hip felt twinge-y, but I stretched and rested the past couple of days. Also made sure to warm up properly before the race this morning, stretching a little before it started.

It paid off: I felt great throughout. My pace was pretty steady, and I even reminded myself to dig in deeper at some parts. It was a simple out-and-back route in a nearby small town, but there was a bit of fresh snow on the street! Thankfully it wasn’t too slippery, and the temperature hovered around 28 degrees. I really enjoy running in the cold. :)

Overall, a successful and fun race! It makes me look forward to the others races I have planned this year!

Soon, I’ll be starting a 10K running plan – I find I do MUCH better with some sort of structure in place. But for now, I am content with my progress. And ready to get some shut-eye! Good night!

UPDATE: My official time was 33:41 – even better than I thought!! :)


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