wednesday weigh-in.

This was a sad weigh-in day, my friends…I actually gained for the first time since starting my journey in October!

Every week I’ve registered a loss until this one. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Just when I think I’ve got my body figured out and losing steadily, BAM! It hits me with something different.

Since my last weigh-in, I have gained 2.2lbs. That brings my total weight loss to 40.6lbs.

Still a great loss overall though. And I’ve started a new week!

[I’m wondering if the gained pounds have to do with my lessened running, since the 5K is over now, and I had already started slacking off in that area. Or perhaps because that time of the month is right around the corner? Hmm…]

In other news, we got quite a bit of snow last night! Here’s the view from my kitchen window:


And after this storm, I’m most definitely ready for Spring! Funny because I LOVE the cold and snowyness of Winter, but I am actually yearning for warmer weather this year…and sunshine…and shorts! ;)

Here’s to a better week, friends! Have a good one!


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