wednesday weigh-in [post trip].


I did not gain any weight after my 4-day trip to Arizona this past weekend. Woohoo!

I really didn’t track my calories at all, but ate what meals were provided for during the trip and some snacks too [just tried to not go overboard]. Well, it worked!

Since my last weigh-in, I have lost 1.8lbs! My total loss is back to 43.0lbs, yay!

Now let’s just hope that I can keep on losing. ;) The last time I hit 43lbs, I ended up gaining a couple more back. Something like that.

But things will be different this time around. I recently finished reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. Pretty interesting [though I skimmed a lot of the medical jargon when he talked about celiac disease, etc.]. However, I did pay attention when he talked about the evolution of modern wheat and how food scientists modify anything as they see fit without testing the effects on humans! Anyway, all this to say it’s an interesting and eye-opening read. Because of it, I have decided to go on a wheat-free diet. For how long, I’m not sure…but this is what my cabinet looks like now:


I had all sorts of chips, bread, pasta, processed foods, and such in there before. I went for the abrupt approach. :)

You’ll notice I still have white rice as well as brown sugar. I kept those thinking I could have limited amounts. My goal is to stay away from wheat for awhile to see what happens, how I feel, what it does to my weight loss trend, etc. I will report back after a few weeks!

As for my trip, it was fantastic!! I’ll get back on here to share some pictures soon, but for now, I should really get to bed.

Good night, friends! :)


4 responses to “wednesday weigh-in [post trip].

  1. I’m reading Wheat Belly right now. I, too, have kind of skipped over some of the parts that are a little too science-y or that don’t really have to do with me. I couldn’t believe the info about the glycemic index!!! It has really changed the way I think about wheat, and I am working on cutting it out as best I can.

    • Oh, yes – it’s such a fascinating read! I must admit I’ve been having wheat here and there [just tonight I had half a calzone…], but as far as my own kitchen/pantry, I do not have any for now! ;)

    • Indeed it is! But reading Wheat Belly has made me reconsider eating it – at least the general stuff. I’m thinking of trekking to Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s sometime soon to check out alternatives. :)

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