photo roundup.

I started this post earlier today. Then I took an unintended three hour nap because of it being a lovely, relaxing Sunday on which we are expecting quite a bit of snow.

And I wake up to…


But I guess a lot of it’s supposed to happen later tonight. You can never tell with Ohio weather…

Anyway! Here are a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to lately:


This is the church on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona where we were able to help out with landscaping, haircuts, cooking/cleaning, etc. The trip happens every year through my parents’ church; I think this was the 5th time. It is beautiful out there.


And on the way, we stopped by Sedona and the Grand Canyon…magnificent!!

Now that I’m back in Ohio, I’ve been getting into the swing of things again at home and work. I absolutely LOVE this veggie dip [which was leftover from a work meeting]:


I will definitely get this to snack on with sugar snap peas and baby carrots!

All this talk of snow lately is making me YEARN for Spring…the past couple days had been sunny and nice. They at least warranted sunglasses:


Don’t worry, this was taken at a drive-thru! Check out my cheekbones…;) And I was at Gold Star, where I got cheese fries – yep! – and Tex Mex Chili. Not the healthiest, but I was on the go, and it was still wheat free! Hehe. ;)

Remember that exciting news after my trip, in my previous post? Of not gaining any weight? Well, I hit another milestone!! But I won’t be sharing it with you until I have reached 50lbs lost [and that’s also when I’ll post all my weekly weigh-in numbers], but it’s GOOD. REALLY GOOD. Here’s a picture preview:


[And I’m just 4lbs away from 50lbs lost!]

Last but not least, a couple recipes I prepared today:


I was searching online for recipes to use up milk and came across this Lemony Breakfast Rice one. It was very simple and very yummy! I did add cinnamon though and ended up increasing the recipe by half. I must say, however, that my body felt a little wired after eating half a cup at lunch, with blackberries. [I also ate some mozzarella cheese cubes, green grapes, sugar snap peas, and the Sabra veggie dip.] Maybe it’s because I have not been eating many sugary/wheat food items and the brown sugar got to me? I also make sure to eat just half a cup of rice at a time now, to lessen the rise of my blood sugar. [Something I learned from the Wheat belly book.] I wonder if I had just a bit too much with taste-testing, hmm…

Anyway, it was very good! And I was glad to use up that extra milk!

Tonight, for a late dinner [due to that crazy nap!], I present you with this meal:


Potato wedges, steamed asparagus, and tuna pasta bake [with spaghetti squash]. Also some romaine lettuce and lots of Red Hot!

Here’s to a great week ahead! ‘Til next time! :)


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