new day, new month.

It’s April!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend – especially as Easter came and went, remembering who Jesus is and what He’s done for us…what He continues to do for us each day!

A friend posted a video series on Facebook, and though this video was meant for last Monday, I will share it for this Monday too!

Goes to show that Jesus is not some distant, historical figure, but alive and well – real and honest. He seeks to help us begin again, to be renewed. So thankful for a new day!

And as for my weight loss journey, one reason I’m particularly thankful for new beginnings is because this weekend I ate horribly! I even took this picture:


As I had been stuffing my face with Cheez-It crackers and orange juice…really?!? I had gone such a long time without overeating [and also cutting out most wheat too], but while at home, I lost it.

I think my eating started going awry Thursday evening. I joined a friend at a local pizza restaurant called Dewey’s Pizza. It was wonderful to catch up, and the food was SO GOOD! I ordered a Greek salad and a calzone – which I ate half of, saving the rest for later…not so bad…

But then, Friday night I went to the movies with my cousins [who are on Spring Break] and had some snacks. Saturday afternoon I indulged in snacks too, including a bit of chocolate. Sunday wasn’t too crazy, but I still had some pastries from church. My goodness!! Seeing it all written out here is so sad, but also feels good…letting it all out and letting it go!

On Saturday, however, we did get out to the park because of the wonderful Spring-like weather [which has been rare thus far]:


And I do have a couple good things to share too, amidst all the disappointing food habits. While at home and getting ready for Easter Sunday at church, I dug up a dress I had gotten a few years ago [but never actually wore]. It was one of those dresses I hoped to use as a goal while losing weight. After some time and no change in my weight/size, I simply put it at the back of my closet and out of my mind. Until this past weekend, that is…


This would be me in that size 14 dress!! [It was a little tight toward the top, but it zipped up and I could wear it relatively comfortably. Yay!!]

Also, sometime toward the end of last week, I stopped in at a local thrift store to check out some size 14 work pants, oh yeah…:) I also decided to pick up a size 12 pair of jeans to try on, just for fun:


And they fit!!! For the most part. ;) I still have a ways to go in the waist area, but soon I’ll be wearing these and moving on to the next size down!

So last week was a mix of good and bad. But now I’m starting over…thank goodness! Take care, friends!


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