wednesday weigh-in.

Hello again! I must say…since I’ve started weighing in officially on Wednesdays, it feels like it takes forever to get here! Then when it is here, I have a few minutes of excitement…and not a second later, I start counting down to the next Wednesday! Ahhh. I’ve got to retrain my brain. I need to live in the moment and not keep looking to the next week.

But in the meantime, I’ll share my results with you. ;)

Since my last weigh-in, I’ve lost 0.8lb. My total loss is now 46.6lbs.

Getting closer and closer to 50, but I still feel so far away!! Then again, I said that about 30…and 40…so I know that with time, it WILL happen.

Patience. :)

I did take a quick shot of me this morning, before work [sorry for the poor quality and once again, do not mind the messiness!]:


Those pants will soon be added to the “too-big-to-wear” stack! And why, yes, that IS sunshine coming through my window! So glad that Spring weather has finally decided to stick around for longer than a few hours.

I love seeing the signs of the season…


Especially when they burst with color and cheerfulness!

Foodwise, I’m back on track eating wheat-free [after this not-so-good weekend]. For breakfast I either go for peanut butter and fruit or scrambled eggs and cheese. Lunch has been mostly leftovers after making some simple dinners including turkey hamburgers and broccoli or sauteed chicken and roasted sweet potatoes. And I’m glad I know I can go wheat-free…but I find myself coming back to the everything in moderation point of view. I’ll definitely stay away from more processed foods and try to always choose wheat over white, but I don’t think it’s necessary for me to cut out all wheat entirely. [Though this has helped me stay within my budget more easily! ;)]

Oh yes, been snacking on these lately too:



The first picture is of Easter eggs from my parents’ church. The second were ones we made at home. :)

Hope you’re all having an enjoyable week! Bye for now!


6 responses to “wednesday weigh-in.

    • Hi Lesley! Thanks so much for commenting. It’s interesting, the things I’m learning and figuring out along this journey. I think you’re right on. :)

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