week 28.

Just two weeks away from what should be my halfway point [because I was hoping to hit my goal weight by November this year], but guess what?

I gained for a second week in a row!! That might explain why I put off posting my weekly weigh-in yesterday…

Since last week, I have gained 0.4lb [thank goodness it’s a small amount!]. My total weight loss is back to 45.0lbs even. I don’t know, gang. I just don’t know.

If anything, you’d think I’d be losing even more the past couple weeks since I picked up a structured running program again. I’ve also been doing a bit of strength training [squats, crunches, vertical crunches, push-ups, chair dips, planks] and so maybe, just maybe, I’m developing a bit of muscle?

I hope so. And I hope that accounts for this inching upward on the scale! I was so excited to be getting closer to the 50lbs lost mark [and revealing my numbers here on my blog], but that seems weeks away now!

But, c’est la vie. I will continue doing what has been working: counting calories and running. And I will just look forward to when everything comes together…someday! Meanwhile, I will take silly pictures of myself, like this covert one at work:


[I like how my reflection is changing. ;)]

Stay strong, friends! Until next time…


8 responses to “week 28.

  1. Remember, love- muscle mass weighs more than fat! So with these new modified workouts, you’re probably gaining more muscle mass. While the scale accurately reflects your weight, it doesn’t accurately reflect your progress! Chin up- you’ll get there. So proud of you! <3

  2. Jo! That must be disheartening with all the hard work and effort that I know you’re doing. It was the darn lobster bisque…lol. Chin up though, and remember that everyone is cheering you on, and loving you no matter what the scale says :) I don’t know if this will help or not, but I like Spark People and I like articles so…just in case!


    P.S. I love your covert work shot.

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