the scenic route.

Usually, I’ll drive straight down the highway [a few different ones] when I make my way from my hometown to where I live and work [about an hour and fifteen minutes away]. But today I took the scenic route and was very glad I did. The colors seemed even brighter this morning, and I just thought to myself, “Wow. I am really blessed.”

Ok, so maybe I get frustrated with certain situations in life [my weight loss being stalled is one of them!], but in the scheme of things, that is nothing. I think back to what’s happened over the last week — the Boston bombings, the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, the foiled terrorism plots, North Korea’s increasing threats — and instead of feeling completely hopeless and dismal, I know I can cling to God’s promises and love.

In the past few days, I’ve been reminded of His covenant to His people, marked by a rainbow. I love how He opens my eyes and my heart gently, with just the right timing. :)

I’m not sure where this is all going, but I do know Him and His love and His will for me…and I will trust in that and continue on in living and loving!



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