week 29. (!)

You can probably tell from my early post on this weigh-in Wednesday that I have some good news to share…


Though it’s rainy and dark outside, I am giddy and excited this morning! I hopped on the scale first thing and was relieved to find that I’m back on track!

Since my last weigh-in, I’ve lost 3.6lbs. My total weight loss is now 48.6lbs! Just 1.4lbs away from the next milestone of 50lbs lost!! Woohoo! I feel like dancing…:)

Thanks, friends, for your encouragement. It was much needed and appreciated. And when I struggle again in the future, I’ll remind myself of your support so that I just keep on going, without missing a beat.

I’m running low on good foods at my place. Planning on stopping by the grocery tomorrow eve [which also happens to be payday, yay! ;)] and stocking up on fruits and veggies as well as some essentials [mine would be milk, bread, eggs, and peanut butter, ha!]. It’s been a good week thus far; work has been pretty quiet, and I’ve been able to catch up on a few assignments. Last night was especially fun because a coworker and I joined in on World Book Night:


We took turns going out into the community to pass out free copies of Bossypants by Tina Fey, all to spread the love of reading! [And it’s a great read too. I listened to the audiobook which is read by Fey, and it just might be even better than reading it in print!]

Looking forward to this weekend as a few friends and I are attending this event at a nearby church. It came together in a funny and meaningful way, definitely a God thing! :)

Hope each of you are having a wonderful week. Onward on this journey, friends!!


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