mind over matter.

What a day! When I got home from work, I plopped down on the floor, leaned up against my couch, and just sat there for a few minutes. [Don’t ask me why I sit/lay on the floor instead of my furniture…] But anyway! I soaked up the peace and quiet.

It felt great.

Last night, I went to bed relatively early because I was so worked up about today! I had both a presentation and youth program happening, and I was incredibly nervous. I usually am when it comes to these kinds of things. [You’d think working with the public day in and day out would get me used to speaking in front of a group, but nope! I still have stage fright.]

So this morning, I was going over my materials to make sure I was prepared. I even got up early to do so – it felt like I was back in school, getting ready for a PowerPoint presentation! [To be fair, we did use a PowerPoint today…]. The more I went over my stuff though, the more agitated and overwhelmed I became. I was truly a bundle of nervous energy. And also, when I first got up, I decided to forego the 3 miles on my running plan so that I could “get ready.” But my way of getting ready just wasn’t cutting it.

I decided to ask for help. I asked the Lord for peace in my heart, and I also reached out to family and close gal pals.They’ve seen me through these things in the past, and friends, I tell you this: prayer is POWERFUL.

I also made the choice to run after all. It hit me that I NEEDED to work off this crazy energy somehow!

It was the right choice.

I’m realizing that running is always the right choice. ;)

Not only did I feel great, but my head and heart both cleared up so that I finally relaxed and remembered who God has called me to be: a willing and confident servant. During my run, I could feel that my legs were stronger, and my heart could totally endure the 3 miles ahead of me. Yet still my mind was throwing thoughts at me like, “Just do a mile and a half today. Better than nothing!” At this point, the whole mind over matter struggle popped into my head, and I felt like God was using this to teach me about the spirit over the flesh. It says in the Word that our spirits our willing, but our flesh is weak. And it is oh-so-easy to give into the flesh; I’ve done it time and time again.

But not this morning.



My mind/spirit won out over the matter/flesh. I made the choice to run the full 3 miles [plus some] and did it!

Victory. :)

And that accomplishment this morning set my whole day on a different course. I was waving hello to anyone and everyone [even cars that were coming from behind me], and I felt SO GOOD. I started thinking, “If God’s asking me to do something, like create or say hi or love on someone, then I will choose to do it! If he has placed me here, in this job/community/life for a reason, then I will seek to live out the purpose in it!”

Oh, friends…there was so much more going on inside of me than having to do with the presentation and program that happened today. [Both went very well, by the way!!] God knows just what he’s doing and how to talk with us about every little — and big! — thing in life.

I’m so thankful. :)

And I’m still VERY excited to share with you tomorrow! Apologies for the rambling, but writing things out always helps me process. Blessings!


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