wednesday weigh-in [week 30].

Good morning, friends!!

Wanted to write as soon as I could this morning to reveal a few exciting changes to my blog. You’ll notice:

  • revised progress pictures
  • and a new progress picture too!
  • as well as…Wednesday weigh-in stats!!

Oh, yes. This is all due to the fact that I have reached [and even surpassed] the 50lbs lost mark! Since my last weigh-in, I have lost 3.2lbs. My total weight loss is now 51.8lbs! :)


On the left is my starting picture, at 245lbs. I took my 50lbs lost picture a couple of days ago actually, because I hit the mark and have stayed at it – woohoo!! So I am about 195lbs there. You can visit my Wednesday weigh-in page to check out ALL my numbers…it’s crazy to have them out there [in the past, I always avoided discussing my actual weight], but it FEELS SO GOOD to see the numbers going down, and I know they will continue to do so. :)

So grateful for the encouragement I’ve received from all of you and of course, my own family and friends [who even keep up with my blog ;)].

At this point, I count calories each day with MyFitnessPal [eating between 1400-1600 calories/day], and I’m using Hal Higdon’s 10K Novice running plan for exercise. I also throw in a few days of simple strength training on my own [squats, crunches, push-ups, planks, chair dips]. I’d love to take up yoga and zumba down the road. For now, I’ll just continue doing what I’m doing!

To give you some perspective, here are a couple wayyy before shots of me:

September 2009

Sept 2009


Nov 2011

And this is me just yesterday morning, wearing a pair of pants my mom gave me [she usually sports a size 10-12, but I think these are 14]:

April 2013

April 2013

And there you have it, friends!

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Looking forward to what’s ahead!


8 responses to “wednesday weigh-in [week 30].

  1. This is so exciting, I’m just beaming. Congratulations! We should celebrate with…a walk lol. Not a cake or cookies or something which was my first thought. I’m so proud of you!

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