new life.

It’s been a crazy busy weekend so far, and I have a few minutes to post as well as take a cat nap – which I will be taking full advantage of! Pulled my first all-nighter since college, completing a project for my middle sis as well as doing a couple loads of laundry while at home. ;)

Yesterday was a big day: my baby sister Jul graduated!!


[As you can see, we both enjoy taking pictures, ha! We did this pose when I graduated with my bachelor’s too – we both have BAs in English. :) I’m glad she remembered to get this shot!]

So incredibly proud of who my sis is and the beautiful woman she’s becoming. Though she’s the youngest out of us three girls, she is the tallest, and I often say she looks older than both Jen and me. Good or bad thing? It depends. :)

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her – it’s definitely a new life she’s embarking on! And that reminds me…

I am SO thankful for the newness we have in Christ. When we go to him with our fears and worries, he takes away our burden and lifts our hearts. He is AMAZING! And so faithful. This morning’s message at church was fantastic – we learned about honoring our neighbors, or the people who cross our paths from day to day, and viewing them as Jesus would instead of through our own mindsets. A big point I took away from the message was that it’s not up to me, or people overall, to build a church – God does that. What we can do is use our light to shine in the darkness, connecting with others, building relationships, and loving on one another in whatever ways God leads. I was challenged to fully walk in the ministry calling on my life [I have a few inklings what that might be] and choose to invest myself wherever God’s placed me so that I can experience more of him! Good stuff…GREAT stuff!

Worship was awesome as well. The team played this song, which I heard recently at the conference mentioned a few posts back, and I LOVE IT!

Ok, eyelids…won’t…stay…open! But oh, before I go, I had an exciting happening. I actually wanted to dance during worship at church, like REALLY DANCE. And I did. But I had to hold my jeans up on one side.

I need to invest in belts, friends…because my jeans are too big! This is a good problem to have. :)

Take care!


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