week 31.

After such a momentous update last week, this one is pretty small. But such is life!

Since my last weigh-in, I have lost just 0.2lb. That brings my total loss to 52.0lbs! I like how nice and even that number is, though, which helps lessen the smallness of my dismal loss. ;) What can I expect after two weeks in a row of losing about 3lbs each?!

I am choosing not to complain, but to revel in the fact that I’ve reached almost half of my goal weight to be lost. Slowly but surely, friends!

I must admit, the past couple days have been tough foodwise. There have been plenty of treats available at work, and last night, I bought ICE CREAM. Let’s see how I do with portion control on one of my biggest weaknesses…

In other news, yesterday I was able to sport a shirt I got at Goodwill recently:


Yay for great Goodwill finds! That’s been my shop of choice lately, as my sizes drop. Can’t wait to go out and get a whole new wardrobe once my goal’s been reached!

Got to go for now, friends. Take care, and have a FANTASTIC day!


4 responses to “week 31.

    • You know, I’ve never been to Ohio Thrift but have heard about it a few times! Will have to check it out. And that yard sale looks great! Hope you find some good stuff. :)

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