slippery slope.

Last week was a horrible week foodwise, friends! Remember that ice cream? Yeah. NOT a good idea.

Pair that with lots of sweet treats [at work and at home], and I was steadily losing my self-control. It’s taken seeing my weight climb on the scale to finally get my head back in the game.

This morning I weighed in at 195.4lbs. Really hoping I’ll be able to weigh in under 193.0 this week; if I stay on track, I think I will. But I need to be less careless with what I’m eating! I’ve noticed that since I’m about halfway to my goal, I’ve started becoming lazy in counting my calories. I’ll log into MFP each day and track my breakfast, but then I’ll just estimate the rest of the day. No good.

So today marks the start of renewed calorie counting! And something happened over the weekend which refreshed my determination. I ran my longest run ever: 6.2 miles! I did it in 1:18:19, close to my time goal of 1:15:00! It was AWESOME.

I actually had a 4.5 miler on the schedule, but I warmed up by walking for a quarter of mile, then started running and felt so good! I thought to myself, This is my happy place.

About 2 miles in, I was still feeling great and started thinking about turning around at 3.1 miles instead of 2.25 on my out-and-back. Isn’t that crazy??

But I did it. :) Oh, sure, once I reached 3.1 and turned around, I was like: CRAP. But I just kept on moving. Now I know, without a doubt, I can fully run my first 10K on June 1st!

That run was yesterday morning and because of it, I feel like I can do anything! Also, I celebrated Mother’s Day with my lovely family, and we snapped this shot at my parents’ church:


My mama, little sister, me and my cousin. The wonderful women in our family. :) Minus my youngest sister Jul, who was sorely missed!

[Lately, I’ve been wearing more skirts, and I love it! Can’t wait to buy some new ones.]

So here we are, friends. New week, fresh start. I’m going to make the most of it! Blessings!


4 responses to “slippery slope.

  1. I thought I saw a slight annoyed face when a certain coworker was lol-ing at your food indulgences this week haha. I LOVE that picture of your fam! What pretty ladies, and amazing news about your run. That is incredible!

    • Oh, I hope my face wasn’t too obvious! I tend to wear my thoughts/emotions on my sleeve though. :) And thanks for your kind words! So excited to accomplish that run!

  2. This weekend was downhill food wise for me too. I had lots of sweets and now I crave them!! But with my weigh-in on Wednesday I am trying to be sooo good!

    Congrats on the run!!

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