week 32.

Hello, friends!

I’m a little sad to report a setback for this week’s weigh-in, but…I had a feeling it’d happen. Those extra snacks from last week are holding on, and I’m realizing it will take consistent calorie counting and exercising to take them out.

Since my last weigh-in, I’ve gained 2.2lbs. My total weight loss is now 49.8lbs.

I think back on last week’s indulgences and realize that after my weigh-in on Wednesday, I just let loose. I justified to myself that one cookie or one bowl of ice cream would be fine. And it would have, but then it turned into an everyday thing over the weekend, and at times, even at every meal.

Yeah, that’s when it gets out of hand!

I’ve decided to limit myself to once a week for a special treat – maybe on the days I do my long runs, I can stop in at the bakery and get something totally decadent. Besides that, I will count calories and remain focused.

This kind of reminds me of when I was back in school, and how I would just go with the flow with my studies [everything came pretty easily to me], but once an exam cropped up, I would cram like CRAZY the few days beforehand.

I’m starting to do that with my weight-loss. The couple days before my weigh-in I’m on target, but the days following Wednesday, I get careless. Then I try to make up for that by restricting myself the start of the next week. Sheesh.

One of the biggest lessons I’m learning in long-term and sustained weight-loss is the importance of consistent application of diet and exercise. That’s what will make the pounds drop. And I can do it!! I’ve done it for 50ish pounds so far!

The past couple days have been much better, counting my calories and getting regular exercise:



But I do know it’s also very important to use all my calories in a day! It’s silly to think that not eating that last 290 would help me knock off more of my weight overnight…

So here I am, friends. Ready for a new day and determined to get my weight back down for next week! To those who are also losing, keep it up!


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