10k, check.

This past Saturday I completed my first 10K with a time of 1:21:01!

Didn’t get the official time until later in the day, which was a few seconds shorter than what I originally thought. And funny thing is…I missed one of the markers on the route! I ended up running maybe a half mile more than I needed to. So really, my time was even better than that! ;) Crazy!!

But fun. And wow – the high after finishing was spectacular. I believe you can start to see it here in this picture:


A couple friends saw me off, and the first mile and a half was tricky – I find that it usually takes me that long to get my pace going. But after that I felt good! It was so nice to see people out on the course, cheering you on. Sadly, around mile 4 there was NO ONE. Thus, my missing a turn [well, really I should have been paying more attention instead of thinking too much!]. It turned out okay though as I ended up making up for lost ground/time and even passed by others I had been in front of before going the wrong way! And then, my mama made it just in time to see me cross the finish line, yay!

All in all, it was AWESOME.

I can’t wait to do another race. :) Signed up for the Color Run in Cincy this July, but that’s more for fun and with friends. About that time though I’ll start training for the next biggie:

The USAF Half Marathon at Wright Patt on September 21st!!!

Oh yeah.

And that’s it for now, friends! Life is good! I am amazed at all the new things God’s doing…including a switch in my job location and…talking to a fellow. :)

Exciting stuff, friends. :)

Blessings on you! ‘Til Wednesday and my weekly weigh-in!


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