week 36!

I’m excited to give you this week’s weigh-in update because again, it’s a great loss!

Since my last weigh-in, I’ve lost 2.4lbs! My total loss is 57.4lbs, and I weigh 187.6lbs.

Pretty awesome. :)

However! I’m preparing myself. In the past few weeks, when I have a couple great weigh-ins, I tend to gain a bit back. But…with a lot of stuff going on in life, I find myself not focused on eating so much anymore! Used to be I really looked forward to my meals, and now I’m needing to find time to fit them in at all! Also, as I eat, I’m not finishing as much as before. I just eat until I’m full, which seems to be a lot less these days.

Interesting how eating habits change. :)

The other day I stopped at DSW Warehouse to pick up a pair of heels for a wedding I’m in this weekend. And as I walked around in different styles, I felt compelled to take a selfie [well, it IS my blog!! ;)] because I really felt good! And voila:


Feeling good, friends. :)

And definitely excited about this life I get to live! God is beyond amazing, and I am blown away everyday by his goodness, mercy, grace, and love.

I hope you know him too.



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