week 37.

It’s such a fantastic day outside, friends! So much so that I’m not too saddened by my weigh-in today…

Yep. I gained a little bit. My official weight is 189.2lbs – I’ve gained 1.6lbs since last week, bringing my total loss up to 55.8lbs.

But! I’m ok. :) I’ve seen this pattern a few times now, and I know it’ll work its way back downward. Here’s an updated shot of my progress chart on MyFitnessPal:


I’m pretty sure the wedding this past weekend threw me off track because, well, I just really didn’t care what I ate that day! It was a time for celebration, and I enjoyed it with friends. :)

I must say…I do think I could have made my dress a bit smaller when it was being altered, woohoo! ;)


All in all, it’s been a great past few days. Lots of time with friends and family over the weekend. A bit of work, with this lovely day off in the middle of the week [because I work both Friday and Saturday this weekend], and a lunch date with a sweet friend today has made this week wonderful – and it’s not over yet!

I did stop at Anthropologie last night to check out their sale room – pretty much the only way I actually buy items in that shop ;) – and found a cute top that’s just my style!!


Here’s to days of JOYFUL living ahead – while still watching calories and moving more! ;)

Take care, friends!


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