one crazy week [38]!

It’s still week 38…kind of. :)

I say it’s been crazy because last weekend I was hit with a couple gallbladder attacks. Took an unexpected trip to the ER, and they found a very large gallstone. Surgery’s recommended but I’m going to try some alternative options first like a cleanse and restricting my diet.

But since then I’ve been feeling great! Yay, God! So much so that when a friend texted to ask me about joining him and his family at a MUD RUN this weekend…I said yes. :)


Here’s the final result of our efforts:


Definitely one of the most crazy things I’ve done, but so glad I did it!! These obstacle runs really intimidated me. Now I can say I’ve accomplished one! And hope to do more in the future. :)

But oh yes, weigh-in update! This past Wednesday was fantastic. I weighed in at 185.4lbs, having lost 3.8lbs since my previous weigh-in! That’s a total loss of 59.6lbs so far. :)

SO CLOSE to 60lbs lost!!

And I actually hit it this past Friday. Woohoo! New progress picture, yay!


So this is me at 185lbs.

Slowly but surely, it’s coming off!

Have a great week, friends. Live it up!


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