in the middle.

I almost let week 39 slip away without a post, friends…

Honestly, I didn’t want to share the news because it wasn’t good at all. Couldn’t I just ignore the number, and it would go away?


And then I realize: this blog is meant to chronicle both the good and the bad during my weight-loss journey, so I can’t stop now! I’ve had ups and downs before, and I will have them again in the future. There’s no point in ignoring what’s happening around me or within. It’s best to face things head-on!

And so here I am. Better late than never. :)

[I hope I’m not being too dramatic here. I know that no matter what, God works out everything for my good – thank goodness!! And if I’m really being straight with myself, I know what’s going on with my weight. It’s that time of the month plus I’m seeing added stress from changes in life. This sometimes always leads to emotional eating for me, which often manifests as night-time snacking!]

Anyways! Here’s my update:

This past Wednesday weigh-in revealed that I gained 5lbs!! Back up to 190lbs.

But I weighed in this morning at 186.6lbs, which made me feel a whole lot better. :)

There’s also been stuff going on relationship-wise [not an actual relationship, mind you] and that always leads to crazy feelings getting stirred up. And when those crazy feelings get stirred up I bet you know what I resort to!


I must confess I haven’t been exerting as much self-control in my food choices lately. As well as my exercising. My running just hasn’t been as on target as I’d like. However…I’m now in week two of half-marathon training, and I did log 4 miles this morning.


And just to touch on the relationship stuff briefly, this weekend has been interesting. I’ve assessed [and reassessed] and recognized that I needed to just let it all go.


Once I did that, I received the freedom to get things DONE instead of wavering back and forth in my own battlefield known as my MIND. [I still need to read Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind.]

I also have this reminder on my wall now, which I want to wave like a banner over my LIFE!


So yes.

That’s where I’m at, friends.

How about you? :)


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