week 46 and changes afoot!

Hello, friends!

Happy to report a successful Wednesday weigh-in: I am currently 188.8lbs, having lost 2.2lbs since last week, which results in a total loss of 56.2lbs. Hope to be back at 60lbs lost soon!

This has to do with the fact that I’ve been on a modified diet since my surgery [so I’m focusing on eating low-fat foods like veggies, fruits, whole wheat, a bit of rice, and more subtle dishes overall – nothing greasy, fried, spicy, etc.]. For the past week I’ve been with my family which has been a blessing indeed. Also, I’ve been loved on by friends who amaze me with their kindness and encouragement!

Right now, I’m back at my little apartment. This is the view from my seat as I type:


And I’ll only be enjoying this little space for about a month longer, as I’m moving back in with my family! [That would be the changes afoot mentioned above.]

Yep. Returning to the homestead. Have been praying about it this summer with all the other changes happening, but the unexpected medical stuff has pretty much confirmed the decision. It’s kind of humbling too…to recognize that I don’t need all the extra stuff to make me happy. It’s who you’re with, not what you have.

But I will miss my little apartment. It’s treated me well and suits me perfectly. And the way it all came about was a total God-thing. He provides in awesome ways. And He does it again and again.

With this move back home, I hope to really get my finances in order. And to serve my family in whatever ways I can…

So here’s to the next chapter! Blessings!

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