About Jo


A 27-year old child of God, making her way in this crazy world!

This blog was made to have a specific outlet for my weight-loss journey [as I’m right in the midst of it] and connect with others working toward similar goals. I will be posting my progress as well as tidbits I’ve found helpful along the way. [Posts about random things and life are just an added bonus!]

The weight-loss tools I’m using include counting calories with MyFitnessPal [on my iPhone], becoming a runner, and being inspired by other weight-loss/maintenance bloggers like Runs for Cookies. Above all, I have realized it’s God’s power in my weakness that makes me strong and able to exercise self-control. [Fruit of the Spirit, woo!] Also, the ongoing love, encouragement, and support from family and friends are great points of motivation! My goal weight is 135lbs – originally aimed for November of 2013, but giving myself more time…:)

Start: 245.0lbs
Current: 186.6lbs
Goal: 135.0lbs

Total Loss So Far: 58.4lbs


And now some random facts about me. :)

I always:

-love giving and receiving hugs.
-am up for any Jane Austen film or BBC drama.
-have a few books stacked by my bed.
-enjoy writing notes to family and friends.
-like to listen.

I sometimes:

-clean and organize like mad!
-want to drop everything and travel across Europe.
-ramble endlessly.
-dream about writing a novel.

I never:

-want to leave my Jesus.
-withhold a smile. :)
-mind the weather.
-do without a cup of hot tea throughout the day/week.
-can think of zingers, just like Kathleen. ;)

[Inspired by Danni at oh, hello friend.]

2 responses to “About Jo

  1. First of all, nice pic. Second of all- you “never mind the weather?” Psh. Are you even from Ohio? ;)

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